Anger Management

Do you struggle with issues surrounding anger? We are pleased to announce that we have now launched an Anger Management programme to help those who struggle with their anger.

The programme is delivered over 6 x 1 hour sessions, and will cover the following topics:


1. How motivated am I to manage my anger? Why do I get so angry?
2. What makes me angry? Different types of anger. Anger 'drivers'
3.  Good days and bad days. Strategies to help 'defuse' anger. Which one works best for me?
4. Looking at some 'anger' scenarios. Changing angry responses.
5. What am I really thinking? Challenging the Negative Automatic Thoughts that trigger anger responses.
6. Where do I go from here?



The six session programme costs £150* per person and is delivered on a weekly basis (first session is free, followed by 5 x £30 sessions. Payment can be made upfront in a lump sum, or before each session). Clients who compete the programme may opt to continue with counselling sessions with either the therapist who delivered the programme, or a different New Hope therapist. However, this is not an automatic process and depends on both funding and availability of suitable counsellors.

For more information please contact or phone the office on 07799 015650

*some concessionary places are available for those on low income - proof of which will be required