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Changes to our COVID guidelines.


From now on the wearing of facemasks or visors is not compulsory during counselling at our Warwick base.  We are however recommending that counsellors and clients still wear them while moving around but this is a matter of personal choice. 

We do ask everyone to be mindful that other staff and clients may still be anxious about catching COVID. Please be sensitive to the needs of others. If you feel happier continuing to wear a mask in a counselling session then the counsellor should also wear a mask or visor - please communicate this to your counsellor when you start.

For counselling that takes place either in Stratford or Kenilworth these locations have their own guidelines, please ask your counsellor for more information if you are unsure of anything.

Please continue to wipe down surfaces and open windows as often as possible to ventilate rooms. 

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