Our Christian Ethos

New Hope was founded by Christians and is overseen by a body of Christian 
trustees/directors.  The charity was established out of a desire to show God’s love and compassion in practical and relevant ways in the local community.  That is still central to our vision.   Put simply, as Christians, we have been shown love and we want to show love to others in response.

 We express our faith through our actions in loving others; inspired by our God who is full of compassion and mercy. As God shows no partiality or favouritism, we offer support without partiality, offering counselling to anyone in need that we have the capacity and expertise to support.

We provide counselling to those of all faiths or none.  

Our counselling models are generally secular (i.e. person centred, CBT, integrative).  Christian resources such as the Bible or books written from a Christian worldview would only be used with clients who request their counselling to have an explicitly Christian content. Clients are free to discuss faith issues if that is something they particularly want to bring to their counselling.  We also will try our best to match Christian clients with a Christian counsellor if that is important to them.

We strive to be part of God’s work of healing, and we particularly want to help those who are suffering with psychological or emotional challenges. We believe God offers hope to humanity and we want to give new hope to our clients through the provision of counselling. We want to be good stewards of God’s gifts to us, particularly the gifts of listening and counselling.

At New Hope we believe in the power and effectiveness of prayer. We have Christian partners who pray for our work and we also pray at meetings and training events.  Christian counsellors may pray privately, but prayer is not normally included in the counselling sessions.


When the trustees meet we pray because we want to seek God’s guidance in our decision-making, and we trust that he will provide it.
We will be guided by our Christian beliefs when we make decisions about how we run our charity, as this is appropriate, for example, in how we choose to seek funding for our work.

New Hope is also affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors, and all counsellors working for us will be asked to read and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice. More information about the ACC can be found on their website     www.acc-uk.org, or please speak to one of the staff team.

The work of New Hope has developed because of Christian faith and this belief underpins the ethos of the service. We do not however request that all of our counsellors are practicing Christians and welcome staff and volunteers from any faith. We anticipate that everyone called to counselling or to care for others is also able to respect the different traditions and beliefs of those they meet within New Hope, both personally and professionally.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Christian Faith and what we believe, please click here