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New Prospects is a project of New Hope aiming to provide counselling for:

> Those who are homeless
(including those living in hostels or supported housing)

> Those recovering from drug/alcohol problems

New Hope provides confidential counselling for long standing emotional problems and past trauma which have often contributed to a history of drug/alcohol abuse and homelessness. As individuals progress in dealing with the past counselling helps them gain new perspectives of how their life can be.

As they become open to engaging in work or training programmes New Hope works closely New Hope works with homeless charities like 'The Way Ahead Project' and also hostels such as Eden Villa.

Counselling also addresses any fears or anxieties a client may have about re-entering the job market or returning to education. It will also include practical guidelines about personal disciplines such as punctuality, regular meals and getting adequate sleep.

Potential clients can contact New Hope directly and do not have to be completely free of drug/alcohol issues before coming to counselling.

New Prospects has been part funded by the Royal Leamington Spa Town Council.

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